Step-by-step Learning with Etymologically-Sensible Lists

Kanji lists by grade-level have been modified by Jason Yang from the official Japanese Board of Education list of kanji by grade-level (), such that you will learn subcomponents before learning a kanji that combines them.

For example, you will learn , before learning . (The order specified by the official list makes no etymological sense: you would learn in second grade, and in sixth grade!)

Power tip: be conscious of all components as you write them. Each kanji you learn will thus reinforce your knowledge of others.

For example, when writing think "white" and "water" .

Power tip: I have refrained from adding inventing my own etymologies, but you should invent your own to help you remember.

For example, in darkness , the character "sound" is purely a phonetic component that does not add to the meaning of the character, but you might picture "humming in the darkness" in order to remember it.

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Grade 5
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