() deliberate () consultation
ぎあん (n) (1) legislative bill, measure, (2) agenda item
ぎいん (n) member of the Diet, congress or parliament
ぎいん (n) congress or parliament
ぎいんうんえいいいんかい (n) Committee on Rules and Administration (Diet), House Steering Committee, Standing Committee for House Management
ぎかい (n) Diet, congress, parliament
ぎけつ (n,vs) resolution, decision, vote
ぎじ (n) proceedings
ぎじどう (n) Diet building
ぎじろく (n) record of proceedings, minutes
ぎじょう (n) assembly hall, the House
ぎせき (n) parliamentary seat
ぎだい (n) topic of discussion, agenda
ぎちょう (n) chairman, speaker (e.g. of assembly), president (e.g. of council, senate, etc.), moderator (e.g. of a newsgroup)
ぎていしょ (n) protocol
ぎろん (n,vs) argument, discussion, dispute, controversy

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